To promote self- sufficiency for single parents and their children who are at risk due to homelessness, financial, unemployment or other circumstances beyond their control by identifying needs and providing the appropriate resources.

To provide single parents with diaper’s, baby food, children’s clothing and other resources that help them become more self- reliant, strengthen their families and create stability for their children.



Established in June 1997 with a passion to assist single parents  in the community by providing diapers to their infants and toddlers that are in need. This organization was inspired with the belief  that all children should receive quality care and have basic baby essentials.


Healthy Babies – Promotes the well-being, healthy growth and development of babies through the provision of diapers, nutritional items, wipes, other baby items and education.

Hunger Relief – Assures that families are able to meet their nutritional needs through the food pantry.

Parent Academy-The Parent Academy is a resource that helps to answer parents questions about topics that impact their children’s lives, including academic support, health, emotional and financial management.

Agency Referrals- These program services are provided directly to single parent families.